Designer & Developer focusing on Graphic and Web design
Design and Develop a well optimized COVID PPE eCommerce site focused on B2C sales. Graphic, packaging and web design was necessary for this contract
Tools and Execution
Utilized the Adobe Suite for the vast majority of the design work requested. Designed the logo, headers, site graphics, product packaging designs and site layout
Design Work
Design work at NAMD was primarily graphics for the site and packaging. The logo was sketched and presented to the owners of the company and upon a quick approval, I chose the fonts and colours for the final product. Design work was quick and efficient due to the urgnecy of the site going live.
Packaging design was done by myself alongside an external designer who helped in the legality of verbiage and layout of designing healthcare products.
Logo and packaging design for NAMD
Website Layout & Design
Utilized Shopify for the eCommerce website. Focused very heavily on user experience after studying key aspects on user's actions. We quickly discovered most clients were customers at home ordering necessary supplies for their families from their phones. We used this information to optimize the site for mobile use, as well as the 30% of our customers that stuck with desktop.
One very proud achievement we had when designing this layout was acheiving an average of 13% conversion rate on our site, one of the highest on Shopify in our product category.
Mobile Design
Other Applications Used
One very useful tool I had learned at my time at NAMD was Twilio. To reach out to our vast list of growing clients and businesses, we needed a way to reach out to all of them overnight. With 300,000 to 500,000 customer emails at our disposal, typical email campaign applications didn't cut it. I was fortuante enough to learn how to incorporaite a Twilio API into a simple email blast application and send out hundreds of thousands of emails overnight. 
This was a crucial step in reaching the sales and clients we had.
My time at NAMD really pushed my skills to their limit as a developer and as a designer as we needed to hit the ground running with this site and tend to hundreds of thousands of clients with feedback coming in at an hourly rate. Once things were settled we were very proud to see where the site went and just how smoothly it ran once everyone played their part and handled all obstacles as they came.
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