CYANvisuals is a leader in the health & safety industry. A staple in the lives of hundreds of factory staff and major international manufacturing companies.
The Request
Design and develop a simple, intuitive layout for the website where hundreds of daily users may visit for their health & safety needs, as well as house thousands of products in a simple and understandable inventory system.
The Solution
We were leaning away from the aesthetics & design portion of the site as the field did not require pretty colours or cute animations. The vast majority of users would be engineers and factory staff who want to login, buying their products, find our info, and leave. ​​​​​​​
Success measures of the product revolve around how easily a user can search for a desired product and also how quick they are able to understand the process of purchasing the product.

The emphasis on the user experience was beyond the layout and design of the site. We needed to focus on the client and their needs; to purchase. The user is only visiting the site to either learn about us, or to buy something their workplace is in dire need of. Therefore, we focused on the transaction portion of the experience and made it as flawless and drop-out free as possible.
The user may be spending large amounts of money in one sitting, we could not afford to lose their interest or have them get blinded by ads or pop-ups or any unnecessary distractions. The lag free transaction should run as such...

The result was a smooth, optimized experience for the user to find what they're looking for in a time of urgency and confirm payments within minutes.
We gave users the ability to sign up for a newsletter and the option to make their own accounts, this way, they're able to view past orders, repeat orders, or keep their information on file if needed. With the help of Google Analytics, we could see that the vast majority (85%+) were using our website on desktops, rather than phones. 
This was expected, as our clients would not be making major orders off of their phones but rather a company computer, and this helped us focus on optimization and use of the site on a desktop perspective.
Alongside the maintenance and updates of the site, I had the pleasure of designing some of my best work at CYANvisuals, growing a vast portfolio and design work with major projects peppered all over the world within major auto-manufacturing plants. 
The design portion of my portfolio may be viewed here.